Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The worry!

No body warns you about the constant worry.
Is she eating enough? Is she eating too much? Am I doing this right or that right? When did she last poop?
Its ridiculous.
Especially when B is working away. I seem to worry 10x more.
Perhaps it's the fact that the last time I spoke to an adult this week (other than B on the phone) was Monday when I went and visited everyone at work. I just overthink everything.
My google history must look slightly odd.
It always starts "3 month old....." (or how ever old she is at the time)
Then finishes with what ever new, slightly odd thing (or not so odd apparently) she has started doing that day.
Thank goodness for netmums! For almost everything I've ever asked google there has been a thread on netmums about it in the past. Usually reassuring me that it's quite normal for babies not to like "tummy time" or if she's dribbling too much. Or whether her arching her back is normal. (It is apparently but I'm still keeping an eye on that one)
At least I'm not the only mum who's ever felt clueless. Shame they don't come with an instruction manual.

Anyway I'm off to bed.....very, very quietly! ;)

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Florence May 12 weeks old already!

This is a long overdue introduction to our beautiful daughter. With breast feeding troubles, wound infections and the usual sleepless nights I've been a bit preoccupied so haven't blogged. As most of you came from my mums blog anyway I thought she was probably keeping everyone posted anyway.
She was 5lb13 when she was born. Now at 12 weeks old, Weighing her on my bathroom scales (so probably not accurate) she weighs 11lb6! Still small but seems a chunk to me now.
She rolled from her front to back today for the first time.
So proud!
And she's working out that her hands are her own now. Having lots of fun playing with all the lovely toys she got from family and friends at Christmas.
I Promise I won't take as long with the next post. Honest!

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

I love iPhones and our Barclays additions active bank acoount

B's battery was running out really quick on his iPhone 6s so we sent it off to o2 as he's had it less than a year and should still be covered by the warranty. He had an email a few days later to say that because he has a few scratches on his screen his warranty is now void. Which to me is ridiculous. I phoned to tell them that the battery life has nothing to do with a couple of little scratches with no success.
Anyway, luckily we have Barclays additions active joint account. For £15 a month we get breakdown cover, phone insurance and travel insurance. Which, if we paid for breakdown cover and phone insurance separately it would cost around £25 a month.
The excess is £50 and they will fix any problem including accidental damage. Which is definitely necessary considering how often B breaks his phone.
While his phone was being sent off I put my SIM card in my old iPhone as it's locked to my network. And B put his SIM card in my phone which is unlocked to any network.
Because we use iCloud backup we could both transfer the entire contents of our phones to the phone we would be using.
Now he's got his back (posted to Barclays on Friday! They're so quick) we have put everything back on its rightful phone. Genius. I love iPhones.
Also, I only have this phone (5s) because when mine was sent off on the insurance a few months ago they didn't have the same model so they upgraded it from a 5c for no extra charge.
I'd definitely recommend an additions advice bank account, and an iPhone.
And no I'm not getting paid for this post I just think they're both great.

38 week pregnancy update.

Dot still hasn't turned. So my c-section is booked for Tuesday 11th October! Very exciting. B has booked his 2 weeks off. He'll be able to move it if she does turn which is good.
I can't decide if I want her to turn now or not. It's really nice knowing exactly when she'll be here. I'm also getting pretty uncomfortable now. Haven't slept for more that 2 hours at a time for about 2 weeks. It'll be nice having a reason to be waking up when she does arrive. On the other hand recovery from a c-section takes longer and I also won't experience a "proper birth." Though my friends tell me that's a a good thing I still feel like I'll be missing something.

On another note. Why are all leggings now see through? Is it just me buying cheap leggings? Haven't had a pair for ages that I can wear with anything above my bum, unless I want to flash my pants at people. Which I refuse to do when I'm out of the house. Probably because I know how awful it looks seeing people around Leiston who obviously don't care.
It's just wrong.
A xx

Friday, 30 September 2016

37 week pregnancy update-update

The ECV was a painful waste of time. Hopefully Dot just turns by herself. I wonder if she was ever head down like the midwife said. I was speaking to someone today who had a c-section for the same reason and her midwife told her the same as me. She had a scan the next day and was told her baby was breech. Who knows.
I put a car load of stuff into storage yesterday so, now we have a bit more space in the bedroom, me and B can attempt to put the cot up. That'll be fun with no instructions. I think I'll leave that to B. He managed to put a wardrobe up with no instructions so I'm sure he'll manage. My next job will be sorting out the huge box of clothes from B's mum. Working out all the different sizes and storing the bigger bits.
I also need to re-arrange the chest of drawers as I have 2 drawers full of cloth nappies taking up valuable space. I think I'll have to condense the things in my chest of drawers so there's more space for Dot's things.
A xx

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

37 week pregnancy update

If it wasn't for my scar I would now have an outie belly button so thank goodness for my messed up abs. I just hope the scar shrinks down after Dot arrives or my mum tum is going to be very weird.
I've been getting heart burn at least once a day now, often more. Rennies are still working so haven't had to resort to anything stronger.
Dot has been moving around loads making my belly look slightly scary. Like something out of alien. But I can sit and watch her for ages. It's fascinating.
I had another scan today and my antenatal appointment. At my last midwife appointment she said Dot was head down.
During the scan she was transverse (sideways) and while I was waiting for the consultant I felt her turn again, I thought back to head down. When I told the consultant this she did another quick scan and found that Dot was now breech. So I've now been booked in for an ECV (external cephalic version) tomorrow. They will do a scan first to check Dots position, if she is still breech they'll give me an injection to make my womb "relax". Then attempt to turn her which sounds really uncomfortable.
The leaflet they gave me said it's unlikely Dot will turn back to breech if the procedure tomorrow is successful as long as it's carried out after 36 weeks. I'm not so sure, she turned today and I'm 37 weeks so what's to stop her turning again in the next few weeks? Fingers crossed she stays put if they're successful.
If they can't turn her I'll be booked in for a c-section at 39 weeks.
I'm mentally preparing for a c-section either way. Just in case.
Everyone think upside down thoughts!
A xx

Monday, 26 September 2016

Road trips and baby showers

Had a lovely relaxing first few days off work. Then a busy weekend. We went up to Scunthorpe to see B's family 170ish miles. We've always gone the same way but decided to go a different way this time, straight up the A1. So glad we did. It was so much quicker. On the sat nav it's only 20 mins quicker but in reality it was about an hour. I think it's because the old way has quite a lot of single carriageway roads so we would always get stuck behind lorries.  But the way we went this time is all dual carriageway. It's a bit boring but much quicker.  
I took my hospital bag and the car seat with us, just in case but luckily didn't need them. 
It was great seeing them again and came home with a car full of stuff for Dot. Including a lovely cot which we an use when she grows out of the "space saver cot" we got free on Gumtree. 

We left at 8am Sunday and arrived home at 11.30. Had a quick nap then went to my surprise baby shower! It was a joint baby shower with R. Had a lovely afternoon eating, opening lots of lovely presents and playing games. I'm so oglad my sister, nephew, and sister-in-law-to-be made it. "Such a surprise," it wasn't, I knew, but it was a great afternoon all the same. R didn't have a clue thankfully. 
Really grateful to our friend Mol for organising it. (She does throw a fab party.) and to everyone who came and brought us lots of lovely presents! And to V for making a yummy cake.
See you Wednesday for my 37 week update. Scary!
A xx
Mol, R and V

My Sis, Nephew, Sis-in-law, S, Me and the cake :)

Everyone :)

Yummy food

R and Me with our Becks Blue

K saying Hi to Dot!